• Jasa Kalibrasi Safety Valve
  • Jasa Kalibrasi Safety Valve

Services Description Safety Valve Calibration Services

Calibration is a series of activities that compare the measurement results of a tool with the appropriate standard tools to determine the size of the tool measurement correction and its uncertainty. In this sense, the standard tool used must also be calibrated as evidenced by the standard calibration certificate.
The standard calibration tool can be a measuring object or it can also be a measuring instrument. The categorized measuring object is a standard calibration tool that does not have a scale, in the form of objects to be measured by calibration equipment. Whereas grouped into a calibration standard in the form of a measuring instrument is a calibration standard that has a scale, often in the form of an instrument.

Even though calibration is always done on non-damaged devices, the calibrated test equipment does not mean that it is always suitable for use. Feasibility must always be compared with a particular reference. Obligations of users of test equipment to conduct further evaluations of calibrated test equipment to ensure the appropriateness of the tool.

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